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All Items on this page can be Custom Made.

Dry Flowers Topiary
.. Lovely Topiary in a terra cotta pot, ready for you to set it into your larger pot, or I can place into a pot for you...All dried flowers, with Roses and Rice Flowers, Larkspurs, Nigelas, ferns . Item # 1109 $35.95 P/S
choose color

Lovely Birdhouse, SOLD OUT

Bouquet on Top of Birdhouse

Have a close look at the top of the Birdhouse, and it beautiful bouquet. Beautiful 3 story birdhouse with musroom birds, Ivy growing up the side and pretty flowers on the top, with deer moss, silk roses, status, eucalyptus, and ivy. Item # 00344 $ 39.99 p s/h SOLD OUT
choose main color

Birdnest with birds and eggs
Beautiful 6 " White dish with Faux curly willow, drift wood, silk roses and berries, cute mushroom birds and a couple of eggs, all tied up with a raffia bow silk flowers. ITEM # 1209= $29.95 p s/h
choose color

bark Birdhouse

close up of birds

Check out the moma and baby birds. Bark birdhouse with musroom birds, pretty flowers on the top, silk roses, status, eucalyptus, and ivy. Item # 1206 $25.95 p s/h
choose main color

Beautiful 24" Large in a brass pot and small 12" tall and 6" around in a clay pot, both Topiary with mixed silk flowers and Dries ITEM # 0650both= $ 49.95 p s/h
choose color

24" Large Topiary in brass pot
Lovely Topiary in a brass pot with Ivy growing up the stem, comes in mixed silk and Dried flowers. Item # 0566 $39.95 P s/h
choose color

Small Topiary
Cute Topiary with mixed silk flowers and Dries ITEM # 0651= $14.95 p s/h
choose color


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