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Special custom Designs We have made for our Customers.
Here are a few of the designs, I have Custom Designed for my customers... I do many more custom designing flowers for my customers, in their color and style... if you have a color or specific request for your theme, I will be happy to comply. I stand behind the quality of my work and satisfaction...Is my goal.


2 Lovely corner Arch specially orderd my Marie along with a swag to match
This Lovely 36" Arch is made with lovely pink Mauve white and cream roses wit lots of nice leaves.They was special ordered to go on the corner's of a large window. Item #233cd $79.95 p S/h
choose main color

Gorgeous Formal Arrangement
This Gorgeous Formal Cream Arrangement is 36" tip to tip long, 24" high 15" wide. Our lovely Center Piece Arrangement is crammed full of lovely mixed roses and rose branches with thorns and buds, and very nice Cream Hydrangeas, wonderful apple blossoms, maiden hair fern, it is made in a nice ceramic vase...( Vases are subject to change but I will get as close as possible Item)... Thank you very much Becky, it was fun creating your wonderful Arrangement..#1010cd $195.95p S/h
choose main color

Lovely Large Latex arrangement
This Lovely arrangement is 36" high and 36" long, Center Piece Arrangement. It is made with lovely pink Latex Magnolias, and Mini Magnolias, white spray of ball beads, maiden hair fern,Tulips,nice big green apples and grapes, Ameranthus,latex Lillies and ivy, made in a nice ceramic oblong vase.Item #887pkmg $189.95 p S/h
choose main color

Wall basket Arrangement with grapes...Click on Picture to view Larger
Gorgeous Burgundy and Mauve Wall Arrangerment would look great in a kitchen. Here is a gorgeous.
28" from tip of bear grass to tip of grapes 18" wide 8" deep..item # 1016 plus $39.95 s/h
Main colors

Large Latex Magnolia Table Arrangement...Click on Picture to view Larger

Here a close up of the luscious Grapes and delicious Apples
Gorgeous Center-piece is made with wonderful Latex Magnolias,large and small, hand painted Larkspurs, very nice Apples and grapes that look so real you can eat them,lovely Peonies, burgandy and teal berry spays.Here is a gorgeous center piece she is going to use it inside a gerarium on a high shelf, I can't wait to see how it looks.... Thanks you so much Camilla.
30"high and 24" wide 12" deep...item # 0415 $187.99 plus $39.00 s/h for over size box
Main colors

This beautiful Wall Dry Arrangement...Thank you so much Nikki....Click on Picture to view Larger

This is the close up of the Bird and Nest...Click on Picture to View Larger

Beautiful dry Wall Arrangement,it is 36" x 30 is full of roses, hydrangia's, calla lilies, eucalyptus, liattus, asters, caspia baby's breath, assorted pods, birch branches, birch log and mushroom bird and a nest with eggs.
item # 0341 $150.99 P S/h
Main colors

Here is a beautiful 24"wreath.. Thank You So Much Dawn, she said she will be a repeat customer and she is. Dawn thank you for your very kind words....Click on Picture to View Larger

Here is a close up of the Beautiful Flowers
This beautiful 24" Wreath was made for Dawn, her colors were sage, eggplant, cream. With Lavender ribbon wound around grapevine wreath, It is made with silk flowers.
item# 00164 $89.99 P S/H
main color
bow or flower choice

Italian Vineyard Wreath... Thank you so much Dawn, hope your Mother In Law love it....Click on Picture to View Larger
Beautiful 24" Italian Vineyard Wreath with Latex Grapes, they look good enough to eat, with nice grapevine silk leaves and small grapes cluster, stems of green spay, silk Ivy. This wreath could go in to any Kitchen, but especially in one with the Italian look. The wreath is hand made by me, with a lot of the wood showing. It has a very nice satin Sage ribbon that sets it off nicely. Item # 00322 $69.99 P S/h
main color fir grapes

Michele ordered 2 of these to be placed on over her sconces. Click on Picture to View Larger
Small Swag for small places.
24" swag with Eucalyptus, amaranths, silk ivies, dry flowers.
item # 1490 $27.90 p s/h
main color
bow color

Huge 45" swag.. Thank you so much Pauline and for your wonderful words....Click on Picture to View Larger
Beautiful huge Swag, to make any home with a large wall or fireplace look beautiful. With lots of larkspurs, dried roses, caspia, nigella pods, liatris, hydrageas and more. If you use it over a firplace please, take it down when you light the fire, it is real and it will catch on FIRE. It can be stored just fine untill you quit using the fireplace.
Item # 00155 $159.99 plus $55.00 for over size box s/h
main color
bow color

OLD WORLD SANTA..Thanks Linda....Click on Picture to View Larger
Old World Santa, he stands 24 inches tall. With a white Santa type hat,with lots of decorations and his bag is full he has the cloths pin Santa and reindeer,for his coat it is In more` Taffeta fabric , and sequins gown, white faux fur.
item# 00026 $200.00 P s/h
main color jacket
bow or flower choice

Beautiful 30" Birch Twig Arch..Thank you Shari...Click on Picture to View Larger
This wonderful Arch can go over a window or doorway, archway over pictures, or just on the wall. With lilies, roses, and dry filler flowers.
30"arch..Item # 00178 $59.99 P s/h
main color
bow or flower choice

corner swag..Thanks Dora and for your nice words....Click on Picture to View Larger.
Very Pretty Corner Swag.
Made with Mauve and Sage flowers, this is a very special combination that looks so good together..
ITEM #0359 $ 59.99 P s/h
main color
bow or flower choice

Thank you so much Debbie and for your nice words....Click on Picture to View Larger
in eucalyptus,Lovely silk Magnolias.
36" corner swag.
item # 0567cd $ 69.99 p s/h
main color
bow or flower choice


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