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We do a large line of Silks And Dry Flowers, in all types and style, if you don't see just what your looking for, write me so we can chat about it..Some times I have put different ideas on Country Page. If you have an Idea, of just what you would like special made, just e-mail me give me a discription, I will e-mail you back with cost.

Lovely Large kitchen Arrangement
When I made this I had in mind of the Rooster Kitchen decor. Lovely round Large country Arrangement for your Kitchen table. It is 21" high 15" deep, 18" wide..It has dark mums, Lovely Daises, Fox tail Lilly, red-orange , ferns, burgundy Berry stems,Red Crab Apples, nice quality of flowers, in a woderful white washed ceramic vase. I will try to get as close to these flowers as possible....Item #1013 $110.97 plus S/h
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Lovely Large kicten Arrangement
This lovely Suare brown vase is just what these Sunflowers needed. Large Sunflower country Arrangement, can be used and any room in a country home.. It is 25 1/2" high 11" deep, 16" wide..It has Large red-orange Sunflowers that look so real they will think you went to the garden and picked them. Lovely Daises, with tall fluffy mullet, yellow Safflower flowers, nice ferns, woodsy fake branches..Item #1016 $79.95 plus S/h
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mixed country Basket
Our 12"long by 14" high 9" deep mixed flower Basket, has Roses, Hydrangeas, African violets, bunny tails, Ivy, daisies, and other flowers.. .
ITEMS # 1014 = $ 45.99 *P S/H
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Faux Garlic and Sunflowers.
The Faux Garlic and Raffia bow is so pretty with his bright sunflowers, it is 18" long and 7" wide. Our Faux Garlic and raffia bow and Sunflowers, is just the right thing to put it a mall place in your kitchen, item #1202..$15.95 P S/H
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Lovely round apple Basket with Lights

Close up of apple basket Apple basket with lights.
Our lovely country basket has shinny red Apples and pine cone with clear lights and baby breath. It is the perfect thing for that true country look specially with an apple kitchen, or on the patio at night when you just want to relax.. or inside a fireplace when the fireplace is not needed. It is12" long 9"high 9"wide.. Item #0978...$45.95 P S/H
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Lovely 10" Dry Flower around rim of Basket

Close up of flowers along rim
This lovely Basket sets, 12" long and 8" wide and 12 high with handle, it has flowers all around the rim of basket. I like to put Potpourri in it, makes the room smell so good. Looks beautiful when used in a guest bathroom or bedroom or any where you need color, you can put nice hair accessories, pretty soaps and hand towels or rolled up wash cloths, for accent in a bathroom. It can be used for years in a guest bathroom.. If it is in a bathroom, where lots of showers are taken, I need to make it with silk flowers, Dry flowers will absorb the moisture... Item # 0666 $29.95 P S/H
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This is one of my favorites
Beautiful 15" tall 25" long 20" wide, Sunflower Arrangement.
This sunflowerArrangement can be a centerpiece or just on a shelf or a end table. item #1001sflarr. $ 65.99 *p s/h
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20 inch Country Straw Hat
Our Pretty Straw Hat, looks beautiful on a door, or in a bedroom or any country setting. Made in silk and dry flowers, nice bow of satin ribbon.
ITEM # 0253 = $ 25.99 PS/H

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Raffia Arch
Lovely 20" Raffia Arch has silk Peonies, and Roses , dry flowers, eucalyptus. wire edge ribbon.
item # 0107 = $ 39.99 P S/H
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Large Fan Shape Wall Arrangement
Our 30inch by 24inch Beautiful Dry Flowers in a wall arrangement. with caspia liatris,eucalyptus, hydrangeas, silk roses, mixed other dry flowers. Also can be made mostly silks flowers. Nice large bow
item #sldry 019 $ 95.99 p s/h
choose color

Lovely brass Wall or Table arrangement

Our lovely 24" arrangement with dry flowers, birds, and rocks, drift wood and nest. Item # 0072 $ 49.99 *P S/h
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